“To Plant Heaven inside Thorns”- part of Bagus Dwi Danto’s performance art

Reality? is not yet Finished is the second project of ketjil.bergerak after The Circled Space.
We gather eight people from different backgrounds to sit together and provide them space to tell about their realities.
Because we all want to hear, and to be heard.
They are:
1. Alwi Atma Ardhana – a poet; an activist; a vocal in ‘Bangkai Kepiting’ (Eng: The Crab Carcass), a digital experimental poetry-music
2. Bagus Dwi Danto – a performance artist, a poet, a vocal in ‘Sisir Tanah’ (Eng: the Comb of the Land), a digital experimental poetry-music
3. Buyung Mentari – a performance artist, an actor
4. Greg Sindana – a visual artist, a musician
5. Natan Arya – a writer, philosopher (East philosophy)
6. Sadat Laope – a graphic artist, a performance artist, a drummer of a band ‘Sentimental Agogo’
7. Yuni Bening – a knitter, a dancer, a kindergarten teacher
8. Wahyu Adi Putra Ginting – a linguist, a writer, an interpreter
It is held in Omah Panggung Nitiprayan on February 19, 2011.

*Reality? is not yet Finished is a project of cultural activism by ketjil.bergerak which intend to promote the spirit of tepaselira (compassion to others), wang sinawang (synergy with others) and understand each others towards fellow beings, create a spirit of mutual respect, harmonious relationship, and learning together about the truths and how to live everyday life, together*

ketjil.bergerak is a cultural activism which collaborates, mediates and gives spaces for inter-disciplinary in society which its main purpose is to create a healthy cultural dialectics.

Greg Sindana’s performance.
“To Plant Heaven inside Thorns” –
a performance art
The audiences watch the artworks
of Buyung Mentari.
Bagus Dwi Danto’s performance.
Pandu Hidayat,
a music engineering in the Comb of the Land.
Performance art from one of the audience,
spontaneously done by a poet, Mat Panggung.
The audiences enjoy the poetry reading performance.
Bagus Dwi Danto collaborates with Yuni Bening
and Pandu Hidayat in his performance art.
The audience that night,
from Yogya and Ivory Coast.