(photo left: courtesy of Aditya Putra)

Greg Sindana kicked off his music performance with ‘wicked rapping’ with DJ ‘fruityloop’ Sony Sonzy and MC Edy Crazy in Persendian-art nite organized by students of Sanata Dharma, September 6, 2010 in Realino Open Stage, Yogyakarta.

He called his group Kathok Kain Kampeni (kathok kain means trousers, and kampeni means ‘company’) and Meleset Project. They performed two songs with rappings and beats titled Mekanika Logika dan Transplantasi Suara (Mechanism of the Logic and Sound Transplantation) and Son of a Bridge – Anak Kolong Jembatan Menagih Hutang.

(Son of a Brrrrrrrrrrrridge!)

(The Mechanism of the Logic)

(photo above: courtesy of Aditya Putra)

(Spontaneous performance street dance by Rebel Squad boy: Fian)

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See you in other performances of Kathok Kain Kampeni! :)