ketjilbergerak adalah komunitas kreatif berbasis anak muda yang berkomitmen pada kerja-kerja pendidikan dengan metode seni dalam wilayah kebudayaan, yang dilakukan secara kolaboratif dan independen.

Siapa saja yang muda, kreatif, berani, berdikari adalah ketjilbergerak!


ketjilbergerak is a youth-based creative community, committed to work in education works using arts and cultural intervention as its methods, collaboratively and independently.

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Creating zine entitled ‘ketjilbergerak’


Creating an active discussion group on arts, philosophy, and cultural studies.


#1 | September| Ikonisasi Kardus: Supervisual Culture visual art solo exhibition, launching of poem anthology and Macapat Blues Beringin Soekarno, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta


#2 | March | Unpredictable Concept: Human, Spirituality, Science visual art solo exhibition – Kanisius, Yogyakarta.

#3 | September | Kepauk: Extreme Realism of the Illusive visual art solo exhibition, Javanese karawitan and Arabic sholawatan Via Via Café, Yogyakarta.

#4 | November | Nyawang (Seeing with Heart Opened) collaboration project with Griya Lentera PKBI, together with several communities : waria/transgenders, prostitutes, LGBT, street children and youths – Griya Lentera PKBI, Yogyakarta


#5 | May | Totem dan Reliabilitas (Totem and Reliability) visual art solo exhibition, performance arts- Ruang Budaya PKBI, Yogyakarta

#6 | July | Recette: the second taste of reality and sunyata, Residency in Centre Cultural Francaise with Sebastian Sczyzrk (France) – Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF), Yogyakarta

#7 | October | Ruang yang Terbulatkan (The Circled Spacephotography project: Sepi Kogoya (Papua/Yogya) & Pius Rahardian (Klaten/Semarang) – Karta Pustaka, Yogyakarta


#8 | February | Realitas (?) belum Selesai (Reality (?) is not yet Finished), visual art group exhibition of 8 artists, music, performance arts, discussion – Omah Panggung Nitiprayan, Yogyakarta

#9 | April-August | We Support ketjilbergerak! photo support-raising, Singapore, India, Australia, Palembang, Semarang, Yogyakarta (UII & Kotagede)

#10 | September | Mental Histoire photography project, music, performance arts, discussion – Hysteria! Semarang, Jawa Tengah

#11| October | Personal Oikumene visual art group exhibition of 7 artists, poetry reading, gigs – Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta


#12 | January | Ah, Kau Sudah Berubah! (Ah, You’ve Changed!), mural with high-school students – At the streets of Yogyakarta

#13 | March | Membatalkan Keperempuanan (Canceling Femininity) visual art exhibition for International Women’s Day in Sangkring Art Project | discussion | open studio 5 artists | online exhibition in TBY Art Shop | Pesta Rakyat/People’s Party in Tegalkenongo Village, Yogyakarta

#14 | April | Kala, Kembalikan Bulan Kami!  (Kala, Bring Back Our Moon!Workshop: Making Grass Puppet & Grass Puppet Performance in Tegalkenongo Village Broadcasted in World of Wayang, KOMPAS TV (since July 2012 up to March 2013).

#15 | June | Urban Sinom, workshop for kampung children in Kampung Bumen, Kotagede, Yogyakarta – The children’s works were exhibited in Yogyakarta Arts Festival XXIV: Future of Us in Indonesia Bank Museum, 0 kilometer, Yogyakarta.

#16 | September | Revolusi Organik  (Organic Revolutiongigs & cultural oration (Damardjati Supadjar/spiritual advisor of Sultan of Yogyakarta & Setu Legi/Taring Padi | Realino Resort | Fonticello | Denda Omnivora and The White Liar | Aurette and The Polska Seeking Carnival | Hardboard Crust | Horse Shoe | Cyclone) – Gedung Patung, Jogja National Museum (JNM), Yogyakarta.

#17 | October-December | Benih Bunyi (The Seeds of SoundsDocumenting the Youth VoiceA small research to document and summarize youth passion and voices of young people around us | interviewing as many young people aged 15-35 years, anywhere, anytime about what they feel and what they hope as a young generation in this country.


#18 | January-February | Arus Balik (Turning Tides), live-in program in Sanggar Bangun Budaya, slope of Mt. Merapi. An attempt to referring back towards the tradition presents in society, forming a meeting place of traditional philosophy and modern knowledge, and intertwining the relationship between urban community and village community

#19 | March | Jogja Eklektik (Jogja Eclectic) discussion, workshop, music, bazaar – Pusat Kebudayaan Koesnadi Hardjosoemantri UGM, March 15-17, 2013. One of results of Benih Bunyi’s reading, in which youth speaks up about the need of a meeting place, a community gathering, a place to share skills, knowledge and spirituality values, as well as provide a concrete solution in economic issue

#20 | April | Via Regia, a modest visual arts exhibition initiated by 4 young artists and 1 young curator which tells about dreams, hopes and reflections constructed together in different characters and dimensions in Lir Shop

#21 | May | Memakzulkan Ibukota, a workshop with children and youth of Dukuh Mangir, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. An effort to look back and analyze what are the youth potentials in villages since youth are the village ammunition; young people in village have to know their potentials to build their own village in the future

#22 | June – present | Angkatan Perubahan, a photo-raising for ketjilbergerak merchandise selecting several talented young people from Yogyakarta, Malang, Bandung, South Kalimantan, Kupang, Makassar, Belgia, Papua (still running)

#23 | July | Durung Wayah Leren, a workshop program during Ramadhan. First, we have screen-printing workshop with street children together with Save Street Children Jogja in Kampung Badran, Yogyakarta and second, we have sculpture modelling workshop with children in Desa Tangkilan, Mungkid, Magelang, Central Java, which is a home for hundred temple-stone sculptors near Borobudur Temple

#24 | started in August ’til present | Kelas Melamun, a monthly program held every the first day of the month; it is a class where young people can have dialog/discussion about several selected topics about arts and culture, and have a studio/home visit to several noted artists or culture experts in Yogyakarta and around (still running)

#25 | August | Pitulasan Endemik, a collaboration between Muda Mudi Wonocatur MM23, Genjot Mulyo and ketjilbergerak to create independence day program involving kids and bike, and also performance night in Kampung Wonocatur.

#26 | September | | launching our website with mural performances by Adit HereHere & MementoMori and music by BBDKK, Summer in Vienna and Lolenlones in Survive! garage

#27 | September – November | Montase dan Ingatan | collaboration program with kotakhitam forum & PUSDEP: creative-documentary video workshop for high school students

#28 | October | Bocah Jogja Nagih Janji | collaborated with Jaringan Kampung Yogyakarta, happening art in 0 km, Yogyakarta

#29 | November – December | Pasar Glagah: Perjumpaan Subuh | commission work from Biennale Jogja XII for Special Project – Festival Equator | research and partisipative creative program with locals in Pasar Glagah, Kulon Progo, DIY

#30 | December | Festival Dusun Mejing Kidul: Menimba Waktu | 2-day village festival, collaborated with youth local group, PALASA 08 | 14-15 December 2013 in Dusun Mejing Kidul RW 08, Gamping, Yogyakarta


#31 | January | Ben Prigel | a monthly program where we can learn skills, taught by its expertises, as the balance of Kelas Melamun.

#32 | February | Ngrejekeni is in The House | water color party, zine launching and free food for all! 

#33 | February – present | Gap Balik! | youth civic journalism program

#34 | March | Ideologi Franchise & Pajak yang Belum Dibayar | arts exhibition in Omah Kayu Art Space, Malang, East Java

#35 | April | Anatomi Memilih | political education for young voters

#36 | April | Aku Kreatif Maka Aku Keren | mini-festival with students of SD Negeri Percobaan 3 Pakem, Sleman (collage workshop, traditional food bazaar, clown, music, hiphop, mime, dance, ansamble, poetry reading)

#37 | May | Tegalgendu Akhir Pekan | mini music fest in Kampung Tegalgendu, Kotagede working with Tegalgendu Youngsters; guest star: ERWE Band

#38 | May – June – July | Music Project |

#39 | August | Gotong Royong di Suroloyo | grass-puppet workshop in the Peak of Suroloyo, with Suroloyo local youth, collaboration with UGM students

#40 | November – December | Berbeda Itu Biasa! | collaboration with Sanata Dharma University |


#41 | January | launching Tan Hana, a virtual band, marking the 4th single of ketjilbergerak with ketjilbergerak records | |

#42 | February | Choir of the Mischief | visual art exhibition featuring Bonggal Hutagalung & launching brand-child OBAH! officiated by Rm. Sindhunata | Jogja Contemporary

#43 | March | Made in Commons | with Wok the Rock (YesNoWave) and Setu Legi (Taring Padi), collaboration project with KUNCI Cultural Studies, process started from April 2014 | Jogja National Museum

#44 | April | Re(i)novasi Memori: HAM dan Anak Muda | workshop about human rights and youth with Alit Ambara | collaboration with Pamflet and KKPK | PKKH UGM

#45 | May | Sambung Rasa | silaturrahmi through arts in 4 kabupaten and 1 kotamadya in Yogyakarta

#46 | May | Ngalor-Ngidul bareng KPK | dialog with KPK, Corruption Eradication Commission, and the youth

#47 | June | Taman Budaya | collaboration with Indieguerillas in ArtJog 8 : Infinity in Flux | Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

#48 | June – July | Mulai Dari Yang Dekat | a series of research/Benih Bunyi questioning young people about land

#49 | August – October | Taman Bertumbuh//Playsketch | residency program: two artists from The Arts Factory, Tasmania (AUS) in Kampung Ratmakan RW 09

#50 | October | Youth Camp 2015: Energi Mudamu, Senjatamu! | youth camp for all Indonesian youth in Yogyakarta, 19-28 October, collaborated with KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission)

#51 | November – December | 1 Nov – 10 Dec | Biennale Jogja 13 | participating as Artist in Main Exhibition in Biennale Jogja XIII: Hacking Conflict, Engaging Harmony