Sindana’s forth solo exhibition was held on May, 2010 in Cultural Space of Griya Lentera, Yogyakarta. Griya Lentera itself is part of PKBI Yogyakarta (The Indonesia Planned Parenthood) which focuses on assisting high risk group on HIV/AIDS.

At this time, Sindana explored the walls and the spaces. He drew his objects in used-papers. He did not use any frame at all, instead he stuck all his works on the walls. Most objects he drew is eyes. Sindana stated that eyes are the seeing and observing texts. The eye is seen as a text that has power to construct. He added that nowadays the construction of ideas are too focused on anything which are caught by senses and produced by thoughts.

The opening included several music performances such as Bangkai Kepiting/The Crab Carrion, Doni and Natan, Poetry Guards and performance arts by Otong Guritata. Sindana opened the exhibition by singing several songs he composed by himself.



Greg Sindana, born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on December 9, 1983. He takes English Education as his major in Sanata Dharma University. Before seriously drawing and painting, he engaged in punk communities and lived his life in the city-streets. He had several music performances in many gigs in town. Now, he resides in Yogya and still drawing five hours everyday and doing some music projects, singing, songwriting and music-composing with Mardi Robots and Kathok Kain Kompani, but mostly he performs on his own.

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