After Sindana’s second exhibition, Unpredictable Concept: Human, Spirituality, Science, he began to work out again to prepare his third solo exhibition. It took place in Via Via Cafe, Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta, and opened in September, 2009. Via Via itself is a restaurant where the east meet the west which provides an art space for young artists in Yogyakarta. Sindana’s third solo exhibition is titled KEPAUK: EXTREME REALISM OF THE ILLUSIVE.

About his works, Sindana said it is all about reality. He stated that in the same time, reality is illusive. ‘Kepauk’ is a Javanese term which means to believe in something, like ideas or concepts, then one day finds out that those ideas or concepts believed are uncovered. By the time it happens, only eureka moment which remains. Again, Sindana tries to dismantle the establishment of ideas.

The opening night was different from usual happenings. Sindana invited a Javanese singer from Keraton (Yogyakarta Sultan palace) named Rama Praja to open the exhibition. Rama Praja also sang several Javanese traditional lyrics. Afterwards, there was no music from the bands, or even the gigs, instead a group of eleven people with white robes and black velvet caps bringing rebana, or tambourine in different sizes were chanting Islamic verses, called sholawatan (to sing the glory of Prophet Mohammad).



Greg Sindana, born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on December 9, 1983. He takes English Education as his major in Sanata Dharma University. Before seriously drawing and painting, he engaged in punk communities and lived his life in the city-streets. He had several music performances in many gigs in town. Now, he resides in Yogya and still drawing five hours everyday and doing some music projects, singing, songwriting and music-composing with Mardi Robots and Kathok Kain Kompani, but mostly he performs on his own.

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