After his first solo painting exhibition, The Iconisation of Cardboard and Supervisual Culture in September 2008, Sindana soon started his second project and exhibited his works in March, 2009. It needed 6 months to prepare the works, and the gallery. The exhibition called UNPREDICTABLE CONCEPT: HUMAN, SCIENCE, SPIRITUALITY. It took place in Kanisius, Yogyakarta.

In his second solo exhibition, Sindana explores paper as his medium. While in the matter of colors, he plays with crayons, acrylics, oil paintings, coloring pencils, chalks, spray paint, and inks. The curator of this exhibition, Natan Arya, said that Sindana works is the realization of Homo Ludens, a playful human. The exhibition lasted for three days, and visitors were welcomed by children songs and can write their comments in a piece of paper then put it inside a traditional piggy-bank in a form a huge green turtle. Interestingly, the display became the part of the concept. Sindana arranged the display in a form of uterus.

He said, it is like an uterus which gives birth to ‘something’ outside the concept. At this time, Sindana diligently deconstructed the concepts, and finally found ‘something’ beyond the concepts itself, which is unpredictable and cannot be defined.



Greg Sindana, born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on December 9, 1983. He takes English Education as his major in Sanata Dharma University. Before seriously drawing and painting, he engaged in punk communities and lived his life in the city-streets. He had several music performances in many gigs in town. Now, he resides in Yogya and still drawing five hours everyday and doing some music projects, singing, songwriting and music-composing with Mardi Robots and Kathok Kain Kompani, but mostly he performs on his own.

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