It is a project collaboration between ketjilbergerak with Hysteria! Semarang, Central Java where six photographers from several cities in Central Java tries to question on what is religion, its essence and its feeling, in the today’s context when religion becomes a mental order which is constructed for a long long time in the mental of the society.

Mental Histoire presents:

The Photographers:
Aditya Suryaputra (Yogyakarta)
Hindrawan (Solo)
Gatot Caesario Tolando (Semarang)
Victor Puguh Harsanto (Jakarta)
Tommas Titus Kurniawan (Semarang)
Pius Rahardian (Klaten)

The Writers:
Wahmuji (Majalah BASIS dan Lidahibu)
Adin Hysteria

The Performers:
Buyung Mentari
Kamar Empat
Cheerleaders SMK Santa Theresiana Semarang

September 17, 2011 at 19.00
in Grobak A(R)T Kos

September 18, 2011 at 15.00
in Grobak A(R)T Kos